W.C.E. Programme

To the right is the programme as advertised in our handbook. Many groups have additional activities not mentioned in this programme. Do look at the "Other Groups" for details.

Although priority is given to group members, other group members may participate, this could incur a cost.

You will need to contact individual groups for further information.


Residential Courses 2018



Monday October 8th—Friday October 12th.  With Angie Hughes.


Exhibitions and  Open Days


Spring Fair,  Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th April



35th year exhibition, Saturday 2nd June 2018 from 10am - 4pm,

St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney.



EXHIBITION "Threads at the Grand” Wednesday 12th to Tuesday 18th September 2018.

The Grand Hotel, Swanage



EXHIBITION -  Friday September 28th and Saturday 29th from 10am -4pm.

Eagle House Hotel, Launceston. 



Exhibition, Monday September 24th  to  Monday October 8th.

Castle, Bude,



Bi-annual Exhibition on Wednesday October 3rd, 10am-3pm.

Mawgan Recreational Hall, Mawgan-in-Meneage, Helston,



EXHIBITION  Monday 29th October – Saturday 3rd November.

 Stuart House, Liskeard.



Open Day and Display of Work, Monday 12th  November


3rd      Sherborne -  UFO day:    (unfinished objects)

8th      Lostwithiel  - Stump Work:   Gillian Morgan

8th      Christchurch -  AGM :  Talk by Maggie Grey

8th      Poole - Japanese Flowers:  Prue Dawson

8th      Ottery St Mary- Ribbon Work: In house tutor

9th      Cheriton Bishop - Charlotte Treadwin - lace maker: Talk from Carol McFadzean (pm)

16th     Wimborne -  Tools For Self Reliance (AGM): Carl & Betty Bailey

19th     Cornwall South - Stencilling on Black Velvet  Jill Rickard  (in house)

24th     Bude -  Scissor Pouch:  Liz Blair

25th     Penzance - Casalguidi:   Jennie Trevarthen


2nd      Cheriton Bishop - PM -  Talk and demonstration on India and  block printing.( Following the Colouricious India Tour Nov 17)

5th      Christchurch -  Printed and stitched panels:   Kate Paterson

5th      Totnes - Moongazing Hare: Tracey Benton

5th      Ottery St Mary - Book Cover:  Sandra Coleridge

6th      Purbeck -  Landscapes :  Jane Yard

7th      Helston -  Applique Brooches:  Cat Rowe

7th      Wadebridge - Primrose Journal:   Eleanor Holmes

7th      Barnstaple - Lino Cutting and Printing:   Louise Nichols

10th     Devon & Somerset  Border - Butterflies and Flowers: Heather Everitt

12th     Poole - Personal Cloths:  Jill Flower

12th     Lostwithiel - Cut. Layer and Stitch:  Katy Choroszewska

12th     Sherborne -  Funky Felted Wristwarmers:  Tracey Bartlett

14th     Liskeard -  Raised Hand Embroidered Birds:  Sarah J. Perry

16th     Cornwall South - Chinese books:  Nina Fenner

20th     Wimborne & District - Embroidered Bowl: Kate Paterson

22nd    Penzance - Casalguidi:  Jennie Trevarthen

27th     Torbay -  Needle Felting:  Tina Shirlow

28th     Ashburton - Ribbon Embroidery:   Suzanne Hutchings

28th     Liskeard -  Raised Embroidered Birds Pt2:  Sarah J. Perry

MARCH 2018

5th      Christchurch -  Japanese Stitchery:   Wendy Harvey

5th      Ottery St Mary -  Bead Work:   in house

5th      St Stephen in Brannel -  Crazy Patchwork:  Jennie Trevarthen

6th      Purbeck -  Stumpwork Daisy:  Lix Watt

6th      Cheriton Bishop -  PM- Making a Lace Sampler:  Jo Kingdom

7th      Wadebridge - Tiny Insects: Maureen King

7th      Bude - Goldwork, Modern & Traditional ( Part 1):  Micheline Smith

7th      Barnstaple -  Embellishing Lino Prints:  Louise Nichols

8th      South Hams -  Wet Felted Vessells:  Jean Fenton

9th      Cornwall South - Hand Embroidered Landscapes:  Deborah Hastings

10th     Wareham - Lumps & Bumps:  Barbara Cheeseman

12th     Lostwithiel - Sewing Bag:  Fiona Collett

12th     Sherborne - Creative 3D Stitiching: Sheila Davies

14th     Bude - Goldwork, Modern & Traditiona (Part 2)l:  Micheline Smith

19th     St Stephen in Brannel - Crazy Patchwork: Jennie Trevarthen

20th     Wimborne - The Celtic Thread:  Janet Knox  

21st      Bude - Goldwork, Modern & Traditional (Part 4):  Micheline Smith

21st     Liskeard - Vivid Landscapes:  Jackie Gale

22nd     Penzance - Chicken Scratch:  Josie Tapp

24th    Plymouth - Woodland Walk:  Mary Brown

24th    Devon & Somerset Border -  TBA :   Alicia Merrett

26th    Christchurch -  Cherry Blossom Time:  Doff Davies

28th    Bude - Goldwork, Modern & Traditional (Part 4):  Micheline Smith

APRIL 2018

3rd      Purbeck -  Fabric Painting:  Alison Hulme

4th      Wadebridge - Sashiko:   Lyn Edwards

9th      Sherborne - Felted Landscapes:  Sandra Coleridge

9th      Lostwithiel - Little Purses:   Maureen King

9th      Poole -  Lovely Landscapes/Super Seascapes:  Wendy Hermelin

9th      Ottery St Mary -  3D Flowers:   Jean Bartlet

10th     Wareham - TBA:  Tiggy Rawlings

17th     Wimborne -  Goldwork:   Beppy Berlin

18th     Liskeard -  Velvet Book Covers: In House Carole and Sally

18th     Helston - Casalguidi P1:  Jennie  Trevarthen

20th     Cornwall South - 3D Bead Work:   Alison Wray McCann

23rd     Budleigh Salterton - Lino Print Embellishment:    Louise Nichols

24th     Torbay -  Goldwork:   Wendy Major

26th     Penzance - Embellishing Lino Cuts:  Louise Nichols

27th     Launceston - TBA  : Beppy Berlin

30th     Paignton -   Gold work:      TBC


MAY 2018

1st      Purbeck -  Faux Felt:   Betty Ruffell

1st      Cheriton Bishop -  Afternoon Making Espadrilles:  Pam Martin

2nd      Helston -  Casalguidi P2:   Jennie Trevarthen

2nd      Barnstaple -  Band Sampler:  Jane Greenoff

8th      Wareham -  Seahorse:   In house

10th     Penzance -  Embellishing Lino Cuts:   Louise Nichols

14th     Sherborne -  Recycling Plastic Bottles:  Pauline Spence

14th     Lostwithiel -  Crewel with Thread Variations:  Jennie Trevarthen

14th     Poole -  Blackwork:  Sally Silk

14th     Totnes -  Indian Embroidery:   Tiggy Rawlings

15th     Wimborne -  Printing This Way & That:  Alison Hulme

15th     Chelston -  Bookbinding:  Beppy Berlin

16th     Wadebridge -      TBA :   Elaine Kelly

16th     Cheriton Bishop -  Embroidery Round Robin:    Members

18th     Cornwall South -  Placemat and Coaster - Lace Appliqué:  Louise Nichols

23rd      Ashburton -  Oriental Hangings:   Beppy Berlin

23rd     Liskeard -  Stump Work Creatures:   Jay Hooper

JUNE 2018

4th      Christchurch -  Keepsakes and Little Books:  Helen Sill

4th      Ottery St Mary -  TweedBbirds     Karen Fanzo

5th      Purbeck -  Smocking:  Rox Atkins

5th      Cheriton Bishop -  Afternoon - Jelli Printing:  Janet Grist

11th     Lostwithiel -   TBA:   Beppi Berlin

11th     Poole - Jewelled Fragments:   Kate Paterson

11th     Sherborne -  Beautiful Fabric Books:   Annette Bolton

12th     Wareham -  Stump work:  Liz Watt

13th     Helston -  Elizabethan Embroidery:   Beppy Berlin

15th     Cornwall South - Quick, Easy Dying:  Lindsay Griffiths (in house)

18th     Budleigh Salterton -  Floral Canvas Postcards:    Adele Thomas

18th     St Stephen in Brannel -  Crazy Jacobean:   Beppy Berlin

19th     Wimborne -  Designing With Faux Felt:     Betty Rufell

19th     Bude - Pyramid Paperweight:   Beppy Berlin

20th     Bude -  Pyramid Paperweight:  Beppy Berlin

20th     Wadebridge - Shadow Trapunto: Sue Hollingsworth

20th     Liskeard -  Manipulated Gardens:   Rosemarie Smith

20th     Cheriton Bishop - Sewing Techniques Round Robin                               

25th     Paignton - Canvas Embroidered Boxes:  Barbara John

26th      Torbay -  Landscapes:    Beppy Berlin

29th       Launceston - Silk ribbon Embroidery:   Jennie Trevarthen

JULY 2018

2nd      Christchurch -  Tucked and Embellished Circles:   Jenny Rayment

3rd      Purbeck -  Silhouette:     Sally Silk

3rd      Cheriton Bishop -  Afternoon - Printing from the Computer:  Doug

9th      Sherborne - Fabric Printing:  Alison Hulme

9th      Lostwithiel -    AGM and Work Day  

10th     Wareham - Landscapes:  Beppy Berlin

11th     Liskeard -   Layered Fabrics:  Lisa Harthill

12th     Plymouth -  Raised Embroidery Gardens :   Beppy Berlin

17th     Wimborne -  Consolidation In House

18th     Wadebridge - Ribbon Embroidery:  Jenny Dyson

21st     Devon & Somerset  Border -  TBA:  Beppy Berlin

25th     Helston - Kantha:  Frances Read

26th     Penzance - Bands and Borders:   Steph Francis


SEPTEMBER 2017 and 2018


Sat 16 - DEV & SOMERSET BORDERS Japanese Book Binding Linda Keeton.

Tue 19 - WIMBORNE Thread to Thread Fay Maxwell

Wed 20 - CHERITON BISHOP Painting the Town 10 -- 4pm Annie Moore

Wed 20 - LISKEARD Christmas Creations In House

Mon 25 - TOTNES Fusing Fabric Margaret Beale

Tue 26 - TORBAY Little Houses Tracey Emery

Thur 28 - PENZANCE Elephants with Elaine Kelly

Fri 29 - PENZANCE Trish Beaver, Biscornu Pincushions



3rd      Christchurch -  Flowers, Foliage and Free Machining:   Hilary Widlake

4th      Purbeck  -   TBA:  Beppy Berlin

4th      Cheriton Bishop  - PM Talk Mediums Used in Creative Embroidery: Tracy Curtis

5th      Helston -  Botanics Poppy Pod:  Jane Powell

5th      Wadebridge - Stumpwork:   Linda Mowbray

8th      Devon & Somerset Border:  Print, Stitch, Quilt :   Gary Mills

10th     Lostwithiel - Dragon Boats:   Jennie Trevarthen

10th     Poole - Paint, Print and Stitch Hydrangeas:    Dennie Rose

10th     Sherborne -  Blackwork Fruits in Colour:  Beppy Berlin

17th     St Stephen in Brannel -  Brazilian Jewellery:  Jennie Trevarthen

18th     Chelston -  TBA :   Beppy Berlin

18th     Wimborne -  A Beaded Bracelet:   Annette Bolton

19th     Barnstaple -  Textile Postcards:    Adele Thomas

19th     Liskeard -   Stitching on Metal:   Tracy Curtis

21st     Cornwall South -  UFO (unfinished objects): In house

25th     Torbay Bands -   Borders and Patterns:   Stef Francis

27th     Penzance -   Slow Stitching:    Cat  Rowe


OCTOBER 2017 and 2018

Mon 2 - CHRISTCHURCH Fabric Collage, Machine and Hand Stitch Richard Box

Mon 2 - OTTERY St. MARY TBA Zoe Hughes

Tues 3 - PURBECK Textured Floral Panel Kate Paterson

Mon 9 - SHERBORNE Winter Landscape Anne Hellyer

Thu 12 - SOUTH HAMS TBA Janet Wingate

Tue 10 - WAREHAM Catch up

Mon 16 - PAIGNTON Stumpwork Nuala Horne

Mon 16 - BUDLEIGH SALTERTON Hand stitched Landscapes Wendy Hermelin


Tue 17 - WIMBORNE Stitched Canvas Printing Blocks Shelley Canning

Wed 18 - BARNSTAPLE Wall Art. Hilary Widlake

Fri 29 - CORNWALL SOUTH Machine Felting Sandra Coleridge

Mon 30 - PAIGNTON Beaded Christmas Tree Mystery Item Jal White



1st      Christchurch - Knot gardens:  Annette Bolton

1st      Totnes -   Paint and Stitch on Denim:   Jackie Wills

2nd      Purbeck  - Lichen on Stone:    Kate Paterson

3rd      Liskeard -   Mixed Media:    Angie Hughes

5th      Wadebridge -  Bejewelled Bag [1]:    Angie Hughes

6th      Wadebridge -  Bejewelled Bag [2] :    Angie Hughes

8th      Poole -  Seeds of Change:    Jackie Lankester

8th      Sherborne -   Banjara Bags:   Tiggy Rawlings

10th     Cheriton Bishop:  Silk Screen Printing:  Louise Townsend

11th     Plymouth -   Pixie Boots/Fairie Shoes :   Annette Emms

16th     Wimborne -  Foundation Forming With Paper & Fabric:  Beryl Eady

17th     Helston - Walnut Purses:   Maureen King

19th     Cornwall South - "Threaducation":     Cameron Dick

22nd     Paignton -   Little Felt Bears:   Tracey Emery

25th     Penzance -    Christmas:    Elly Holmes

NOVEMBER 2017 and 2018

Mon 6 - CHRISTCHURCH Stitch and Chat

Tue 7 - PURBECK. Group Project In House

Fri 8 - CORNWALL SOUTH Ring of Hearts Sue Short

Wed 8 - BUDE Christmas Work.. Elaine Kelly

Nov 12 - DEV &SOMERSET BORDERS TBA Sally Baldwin

Mon 13 - SHERBORNE Warped Imagination Work Gilli Salmons

Tue 14 - POOLE Hairy Fairies Dodie Mowett

Mon 13 - WAREHAM Christmas Decoration Linda Bartlett

Wed 15 - WADEBRIDGE. Christmas Beads A Wray-McCan

Fri 17 - CORNWALL SOUTH Lampshade Maria Donelly


Tue 21 - WIMBORNE Icicles in lace thread, Gift Box Beryl Eady & Annette Williams

Tue 28 - TORBAY Calico Garden Lynn Bennett



5th      Christchurch -  Lutrador:   Betty Ruffel

6th      Purbeck -   Whitework:      Jen Goodwin

7th      Barnstaple  -  Stitching in Space :     Jan Tillet

7th      Wadebridge -   Needle Felting:     Sandra Coleridge

12th     Poole  -   Dorset Buttons:    Anna McDowell

12th     Lostwithiel  -  Machine Embroidery Pictures:  Lesley Coles

12th     Sherborne -  Scrappy Birds :   Geraldine Field

16th     Cornwall South -  Crazy Patchwork:  Mary Vague

18th     Torbay -  Christmas Themed Beads :    Jal White

20th     Wimborne -  Reverse Appliqué:     Bernie Smith

20th     Wimborne -  A Christmas Suprise:    Chris Hepburn

21st     Liskeard -   In House Christmas Decorations:   Val Williams

21st     Cheriton Bishop - Christmas Beading:    Jal Heartlander

24th     Plymouth -    (Talk PM) History of Hats:     Penny Blackmore

30th     Launceston -  Beads:       Alison Wray McCann

DECEMBER 2017 and 2018

Mon 4 - CHRISTCHURCH. Christmas decorations Mari Ball

Tues 5 - PURBECK. AGM. Talk, My Weaving Journey Karen Erlbach


Fri 8 - CORNWALL SOUTH Ring of Hearts Sue Short

Mon 11 - SHERBORNE AGM, TAKL, Doll Making Lesley Edwards

Dec 13 - LISKEARD. AGM and Christmas Lunch.



3rd      Christchurch -  Embellishing a Pebble:    Pauline Pritchard

4th      Purbeck:      AGM :     Sisters

5th      Barnstaple  -   AGM & Lunch :    Park Hotel

10th     Lostwithiel -    Themed Work & Christmas Lunch           

10th     Poole -    AGM/ Talk - Fabric Dolls :    Miranda Cookson

10th     Sherborne -   AGM & Talk - Dorset Buttons : Anna McDowell

12th     Liskeard -  AGM/Christmas Lunch

17th     Budleigh Salterton -   Xmas Tassels:     Sandra Coleridge