A.G.M. at the Ariel Centre, Totnes. Lecture given by Sandra Meech

Sandra was originally from Canada but now lives in Somerset. She is inspired creatively by nature and 'a sense of place'

Living on the Somerset Levels she has been able to take photographs of the passing seasons and using photo imagery, painting and collage has made the most amazing pieces of work.

After taking the photos she manipulates the images and prints them onto transfer fabric. Before applying them to her finished work, she researches the subject and writes on the background. The photos that have been transferred are then cut into strips and sewn onto the work. Gradually the strips curl, showing the writing below.

She has also published a book called "Polar Expressions" featuring over 20 years of Arctic, Iceland and Antarctic inspiration. A passion for ice, icebergs and glaciers has been a creative theme for me and more than ever, an interest for everyone worldwide because of the influences of climate change.

A truly inspirational afternoon.